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Cycling is more environmentally friendly than other forms of transport. Why is it not popular in many places? How can its popularity be increased?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words.

Sample by congdongshop


It is obvious that [note1] cycling is more eco-friendly than other forms of private transport. There are some reasons for this trend and some effective measures can be taken to overcome the [note2] reluctance of the public to use bikes and to make the bicycle a more popular means of transport.

There are several reasons why cycling as an activity is not more popular. Firstly, cycling demands a reasonable level of physical fitness to cope with a journey of any length, going up hills and perhaps confronting biting winds and rain. Secondly, many people are put off cycling by the danger of using busy roads. Although many children used to cycle to school, the roads were much less hazardous than fifty years ago, and today cyclists have to confront heavy traffic. Finally, journeys by bike generally take longer than travelling by car, which is a major factor in the busy and stressful lives which most people seem to lead nowadays.

With a little public and private initiative, the popularity of cycling could easily be increased. Anyone can build up their fitness, beginning with using a bike for short journeys to school, to work or to the shops. Campaigns in the media, in schools and workplaces could promote the health benefits of cycling, and offices and factories should provide changing facilities and hot showers for employees arriving cold or wet by bike. Authorities must discourage motorists from using their cars by introducing congestion charges, as in London, reducing traffic on the roads and encouraging more people to use bikes. If more city cycle lanes are also constructed, these will keep cyclists safe and speed up journey times.

In conclusion, with planning and investment it should be possible to increase the popularity of cycling, especially for all those short trips to work or school.

Ghi Chú:

  • Introduction: introduce topic, agree that cycling is environmentally friendly. Need to consider why it is not more popular and what we can do to make it more popular.
  • Paragraph 2: answer first question: topic sentence: there are reasons why cycling is not more popular.
    • Idea [1] need to be fit to cycle – support idea: goint up hills, bad weather
    • Idea [2] danger of using busy roads – support idea: children cycling to school
    • Idea [3] cycling takes longer than using a car – support idea: people have busy lives and are always in a hurry
  • Paragraph 3: answer second question: topic sentence: it is easy to make cycling more popular
    • Idea [1] people can improve their fitness - support idea: begin with cycling short distances
    • Idea [2] campaigns to promote health benefits of cycling – support idea: workplaces provide facilities to encourage employees to cycle to work
    • Idea [3] discourage motorists and encourage cyclists – support idea: congestion charge for cars, cycle lanes for cyclists
  • Conclusion: we can encourage more people to travel by bike.
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