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Cycling is more environmentally friendly than other forms of transport. Why is it not popular in many places? How can its popularity be increased?

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Undeniably, plastic is one of the most dangerous objects for the environment as it is nonbiodegradabl e. Plastic bags, bottles, and packaging are a bane for our surroundings, all living beings, and especially aquatic animals. In this essay, I will explain the detrimental effects plastic has on the environment, and the steps that can be taken by the government and people to mitigate the issue.

The deleterious impacts plastics can have on our environment, and flora and fauna are uncountable. First of all, due to being nonbiodegradabl e, it is being piled up in landfills. Once the landfill is overflowing, the cities have to burn or transport the garbage from one place to other, thus polluting the environment and causing an extra burden on the economy and authority. In addition, many marine animals are found dead, either due to plastic bags in their stomach or plastic bottles being stuck on their mouth. It disrupts the ecosystem.

In order to save the environment, the government has to take concrete steps. Firstly, as a recyclable alternative to plastic bags has already been introduced, it will be wise to ban plastic bags. Secondly, the sale of plastic bottles should be restricted, and the use of reusable utensils should be promoted as much as possible.

However, the government policies without the support of the people may not help much. Hence individuals should consciously make efforts to choose recyclable packaging. If the use of plastic bottles can not be fully stopped, everyone should at least ensure to throw them in designated bins. We can save many aquatic animals with this simple approach.

All in all, even though plastic packaging, bottles, and bags have numerous negative impacts on the environment, with some extra efforts from people and the ruling authorities, the earth can be saved from this evil.

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